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 Our business has now closed 
Thank you to all of our customers over the past few years.  It's been fun!  We hope you have enjoyed the products we've made.  Perhaps the shop will return again one day in the future.
Best wishes, Jonathan & Mike

Below are some comments from some very kind people who have been willing to share a part of their experience with you.

From Mr K:
Highly recommended.  The most relaxing and calming experience.

From Mrs J:

I visited Jonathan for Reiki and didn't know what to expect.  Straight away he put me at ease and explained what the therapy would entail.  The reiki was amazing, I felt relaxed throughout and very tranquil.

That night I had the best night sleep and for weeks.  Later I felt more relaxed, more able to cope with stress and symptoms form my medical condition were much less frequent.

Thank you Jonathan.  :-)

From Mr E:

I was completely new to Reiki and was intrigued to find out more. Jonathan explained the procedure clearly to me beforehand which was very reassuring. The session was wonderfully relaxing and Jonathan talked to me during it, explaining how the the energies were moving through my body. The grounding exercise in which I participated was particularly beneficial to me and I felt lighter, calmer and happier afterwards. I had a follow up session a few weeks later and Jonathan noted how different my energies were and how much more at ease I was.

Jonathan is a sensitive and caring practitioner, attentive to the receiver of the treatment and their personal needs. His touch is firm yet reassuring and at no time throughout the session did I feel distressed or uncomfortable. Moreover, I felt calm in soul yet invigorated in body following the treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Jonathan to those who are seeking or just curious about Reiki.