Our business has now closed 
Thank you to all of our customers over the past few years.  It's been fun!  We hope you have enjoyed the products we've made.  Perhaps the shop will return again one day in the future.
Best wishes, Jonathan & Mike

About our professional Reiki service

We care passionately about the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of all people.  Reiki is one way that we can put this into action and bring healing and relaxation to people's lives.

The Reiki Precepts:

Kyo dake

Shinpai suna

Kansha shite

Goo hage me

Hito ni shinsetsu ni

Just for today

Do not get angry

Do not worry

Be grateful

Work hard

Be kind to others
Traditional Japanese form

Just for today do not worry,

do not anger,

Honour your parents, teachers and elders,

Earn your living honestly,

Show gratitude to every living thing.

Western form

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced "ray - key") is a wonderful, gentle method to restore your body and mind to a state of balance and wellbeing.  All living things have their own intrinsic energy or Ki.  Sometimes, through our busy, hectic lives, this Ki can become depleted or unbalanced and we feel run down and out of sorts.  When in this state, we are also susceptible to illness.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique, a ‘shinrei ryoho’, a spiritual method, that has been handed down from Reiki Master to student over generations.  It involves the channelling of healing Ki energy to the client from the One universal source of all things.  There, the Ki flows to where it is needed most, healing, soothing and restoring the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual to a state of balance and wellbeing.

The method was developed by Mikao Usui, a Tendai Buddhist priest.  It is said that he received 'Kantoku' or inspired vision, a great insight into how to develop his healing method during a 21 day period of fasting and meditation at the temple at the top of mound Kurama Yama in Kyoto.

Kurama-dera temple

Interestingly, whilst Reiki in its current form comes from Japan, it has a part of its origins in ancient India.  This is quite evident with Reiki's link with the chakra system.  Click here to find out more about chakras.  As well as the chakras, Reiki works with the body's meridians, which could be described as the being the energy equivalent to our venous system, transporting energy all around the body.  Blockages, weaknesses or even over-activity can occur within these energy systems which put us out of balance which can then manifest itself in our physical, mental and emotional self.

What does Reiki mean?

The word Reiki is actually made up of two Japanese words Rei and Ki, the traditional Japanese translation being 'Spiritual Energy'.  However the 'Rei' part can mean 'holy', 'spirit', 'soul', 'ghost', 'mystery', 'gift', 'nature spirit' or 'invisible spirit'.  The 'Ki' part can mean 'energy', 'nature scene', 'talent' and 'feeling'.  Therefore perhaps we can get a better understanding of its meaning by summarising it as 'vital spiritual energy with divine intent'.

Who is Reiki suitable for?

The Reiki sessions are suitable for anyone; men and women.  I say that because for many years women have understood and been open to complimentary therapies but us men are a stubborn lot, we find it hard to try something new and different, but I say give it a go, don't you deserve some space too?

What can Reiki be used for?

I always insist that you speak to your GP for the best advice on how to treat your condition.
  Reiki can work very well alongside all mainstream treatments.

Whilst there is no guarantee that Reiki will help everything in the way we expect, it has been found to be beneficial for a wide range of things, including:

  • stress reduction, stress-related aliments
  • depression, anxiety
  • emotional balancing, self-esteem, mental clarity
  • fatigue, problems sleeping
  • pain reduction or elimination
  • releasing tension in the body
  • maintaining general wellness
  • making or handling changes in your life
  • relationships (singles, couples, families)
  • trauma, grief
  • sexual, physical, emotional issues
  • pre and post-surgery (relaxation before surgery, reduce recovery time, and help with pain management)
  • help to reduce side affects of medications and treatments
  • living with chronic conditions
  • improving immunity
  • individuals in hospice comfort care

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

During the treatment you will be asked to lie on a comfortable and supportive therapy couch.  (If this poses any difficulty for you then Reiki can also be given in a seated position).  The practitioner will place their hands on or slightly above various parts of your body and will hold that position for some time, during which Ki will flow directly to where it is needed most.

What does it feel like?

That's a hard one to explain.  Some of the most common experiences during treatment include:

  • Feelings of heat or cold (that can sometimes be intense) in the spot where the practitioner has their hands.
  • Muscle spasms as the Reiki begins to release blockages.
  • A feeling of movement although you are still.
  • Seeing different colours even though your eyes are closed.
  • Recall of old memories or emotions.
  • A feeling of tearfulness.
  • You may go to sleep due to the deep relaxation.
  • Nothing at all... and this is fine too!

Afterwards, you will feel relaxed and refreshed or sometimes even a bit fuzzy headed.  The healing will continue for a little while after the treatment has ended, so it's best not to rush around immediately afterwards, but give yourself some time and space to allow the changes to your energies to settle in.  It's important to drink plenty of water before and after a treatment in order to help your body purify itself.

Do I have to be religious?

Not at all!  The source of the Reiki energy is the One universal source of all things.  To some this is the vast, expansive universe itself.  To others this is God.  This source seeks only balance and your ultimate wellbeing.  It asks of nothing in return, not even belief.  Its healing power is given freely to all who seek it.