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Thank you to all of our customers over the past few years.  It's been fun!  We hope you have enjoyed the products we've made.  Perhaps the shop will return again one day in the future.
Best wishes, Jonathan & Mike


For thousands of years, incense has been used to delineate a sacred space, to represent the presence of the divine and for creating a liminal space in which the veil between this world and the otherworld becomes thin.

It's use in magical and religious traditions is documented throughout history, perhaps most famously by the story of the three wise men who brought gifts of Gold (which was actually pine resin), Frankincense and Myrrh.

It has a multitude of uses: in magical ritual/ceremony, meditation, prayer and as a simple room freshener.

All of our incense is created using the finest quality ingredients, each chosen for its particular traditional, magical, spiritual or energetic properties.

Magical / Sacred Oils

Magical / sacred oils have also been used throughout time in magical and religious traditions.

Oils can aid in the user's work when used in ritual baths, added to incense, to anoint candles for spellwork, to anoint the skin, to anoint statues of deities and used as an offering.

An example of a spellwork use of magical oils is in candle magic.  This is where a particular candle is dedicated for a magical purpose by anointing it with a small dab of oil.  As the candle burns, your intention is sent out into the universe.

This is an extremely short description of one of many ways that our products can be used.  There are many good books available that will explain how to use magic in whatever form you understand it to exist, whether it be a prayer or a formal ritual.

Our oils are created using only high quality, natural, essential oils blended with a base oil.  We never use synthetic oils.

Note that all of our oils are supplied in bottles with dropper caps.  Due to the varying viscosity of the oils used, some can take a while to start dripping through the cap.  This is especially common if the oil is very cold.  Be patient, it will start flowing.  Just keep it held upside down at a slight angle.  If you can see into the bottle, you'll notice a very small tube on the back of the dropper cap.  Watch as this slowly fills with air and then air bubbles will start to enter the bottle.  Once this has happened, the oil will start flowing.

You can find our current range in the shop.

Bespoke Service

We actively encourage you to tell us what you want and we will do our very best to be able to provide it.  Perhaps you'd like something for a particular point in the wheel of the year, a special celebration or ritual.  Perhaps you would like a particular planetary or deity incense?

Just call or send us an email with your particular requirements and we'll see what we can do.

How to burn your incense

Many people ask how do you actually burn loose, natural incense?  This is a reasonable question because in the West we are so used to joss-sticks and rarely come across other types of incense.

First of all, you'll need a thurible (a vessel dedicated for burning your incense).  The picture here shows a very nice ceramic one.  This must be very heat proof and something that will not conduct the heat to whatever surface you place it on.  It can be a good idea to place some sand in the bottom to help stop it from cracking.  Take a charcoal disc and light it.  It's best to hold it in tongs when doing this,  You'll find that it will sparkle and fizzle as the saltpeter within it ignites.  Immediately place it in your heat-proof burner.  You can gently blow on it to encourage it to burn throughout the disc.  Wait around five minutes and you should see that it has began to acquire a grey colour.  Put a small amount of the incense on top of the disc.  Use about a quarter of a teaspoon to start off with, you can always add more later.

Never leave it unattended and keep away from children and animals!

Ensure that it is completely cold before disposing of the ashes.  If you need to put it out before it has burned out, then it is best to empty it out into the soil in the garden.

Another aspect of this type of incense that often surprises people is that it does smoke quite a lot.  It's meant to be like this and, depending on how much you use, the billowing clouds can used for a very dramatic effect in your rituals!

Container Recycling

Please feel free to send your empty Greenwood Spirit jars and bottles back to us or drop them off if you're local.  You'll get 50p off your next purchase for each item returned.

We'll ensure that the container is thoroughly cleaned before putting it back into good use.  Containers that can't be thoroughly cleaned and reused will be given to the local authority for recycling but you'll still get your 50p.
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