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Stop Wylfa

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The below is taken from PAWB - People Against Wylfa B

WYLFA-B is a threatened new nuclear power station at Wylfa, Anglesey, Wales.

Don’t believe the hype!
It's all about buying votes with mythical jobs. Desperate and clueless politicians have made wild claims about new Wylfa jobs.

Toxic waste piled up by side of new Wylfa for 160 years?
No one has any idea what to do with the tonnes of dangerous waste that nuclear plants spew out. There are plans that a Wylfa development would have to keep waste on site for 160 years

100s of jobs for years

… to clear radiation and mess from OLD Wylfa plant
100s of people will be employed (at great expense to you) for years to clean up the mess left by the old Wylfa nuclear plant.
Plans going horribly wrong!

A new reactor is in Finland is years behind schedule
and its costs have spiraled billions over budget. Full details
Billions diverted from better solutions

A new nuclear age is a huge treat to the real energy solutions to climate change.
Investment in nuclear energy is an expensive distraction from green technology. Full details.
Nukes – not the answer to global warming

Even if tax payers paid billions for ten new reactors, nuclear power can only deliver a 4% cut in carbon emissions some time after 2025.
It's too little too late at too high a price

Nukes spew out CO2
The nuclear industry incorrectly claim that Nuclear energy is CO2-free. When including all steps of nuclear production, including energy intensive uranium mining, nuclear energy is far from CO2-free. Current uranium ore grades (2% percent concentration) result in 32g of CO2 Full details

The old Wylfa plant was dogged by technical problems and couldn’t be allowed to stay open longer and there are as many problems associated with new plants.

If UK nuclear power plants are so safe and bring so many jobs – why are they located as far as possible from London? Politicians shouldn’t be deluded by economic arguments for building a new nuclear power plant at Wylfa, Anglesey.

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