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 From the Cauldron Born

A signed copy direct from the Author: Kristoffer Hughes.

This exploration of the Welsh-Celtic myth of the prophet/poet Taliesin and the witch/goddess Cerridwen takes the reader on a transformative journey. It introduces them to core Celtic philosophy and magic, then embarks on a powerful, experiential foray into one of Wales’ most profound legends. Readers will gain a deep understanding of the myth that is the heart of Celtic mystery and become well-versed in a magical ritual for successfully working with one of Celtica’s most esteemed goddesses: Cerridwen.

Author Kristoffer Hughes, a practising Druid and scholar, examines the historical development of the Taliesin myth, provides an engaging in-depth analysis of each character’s archetypal role in the story, and presents practical applications, including a year-long magic ritual. As lyrical as it is practical, this unique guide offers readers the tools and understanding to fully immerse themselves into the mysteries of Celtic magic.

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The book of Celtic Magic

Signed copy by author Kristoffer Hughes.

For all the fans of Celtic lands, here is the clear, concise, intelligent, step-by-step guide to authentic Celtic magic. Written by a native Welsh speaker and Chief of the Anglesey Druid Order, The Book of Celtic Magic includes complete instructions for spells, conjurations, and traditional divination systems. Based on ancient Celtic sources and manuscripts, you’ll also learn animal magic, plant magic, and discover the Celtic gods and goddesses and how to work with them as magical allies.

With this storehouse of traditional Celtic magic and methods, Kristoffer Hughes has done all the research into other books and ancient manuscripts so you can learn the real magic of the Celtic lands. Tried and tested, this genuine Celtic system of ritual can easily be incorporated into Pagan practice.

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The Journey into Spirit

Signed copy by author Kristoffer Hughes.

Death is not the end, and neither is it the beginning; it is one step along a perpetual, never-ending road of being.

Move beyond the fear that surrounds death. Explore your own attitudes toward a profound but often taboo subject. Discover within yourself life-affirming beliefs about every state of existence. Written by a Druid priest who has worked in the mortuary profession for over two decades, The Journey into Spirit illuminates the three realms of existence physical, spirit, and soul/source meditating upon each realm with stories from the author’s close work with death and his deeply personal spiritual experiences.

Discover powerful rituals to honour family and friends in spirit as you join author Kristoffer Hughes in this beautiful journey of insight and practical guidance.

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Other Items


 The Anglesey Awen

The Anglesey Druid Order's exclusively designed solid silver Awen pendant.

The rays of  Awen and the 3 drops of inspiration atop it has been adopted as the primary symbol of Pagan Druidry. This design carries a raised silver Awen on the front against a black background and the ancient Triskele symbol on the reverse, which identifies it as the exclusive ADO Awen.

Cast in small batches from an original piece that was handmade on Ynys Môn, and hand-finished on the island by designer jeweller Harri Carmichael.  Due to their unique hand-finished quality please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Chain not supplied.

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